Moving your body, strengthening your muscles, training your cardiovascular system - these are all things that can be done with me as your personal trainer no matter where you live - ONLINE.

I offer 2 specific options:




Decide on the type of session(s) and package(s) you'd like and I'll set us up with a Zoom link.  Set up your phone, tablet, laptop or computer so that I can see the area that you'll be working out in and voila - we are ready to train together.  This is ONE ON ONE guided instruction where each workout is different based upon your fitness level, goals and needs.  I demonstrate each exercise and provide form check's and instructions throughout and as/where needed.


Using my online app "Train with Julie" or my desktop application you set up your own personal account and can upload progress pictures, your weight, measurements, goals and more.  

I offer 2  main options for this:

1) ready-made programs (pricing varies) that you can start almost instantly upon purchase (for example 4 Week Suspension Training, Tighten & Tone at Home etc.)

2) customized-to-you online programs that I build after you fill out intake forms that tell me about your goals, equipment access, time availability, injuries/limitations etc.

Healthier starts (and continues) here!  

Questions?  Call me!  403-651-1088

Email me:

remote 1 on 1 personal training via zoom




Online fitness training allows you to access your workouts online via your phone, tablet or computer.  You select the program that fits best OR sign up for the Fit for You option which is a customized option with workouts designed exclusively for you and nobody else.  

You can watch the video demonstrations provided for the exercises included in each workout in each program and then do the exercises, sets, reps, circuits etc. as required.

I'll check in and provide you with reminders to help you stay on track.

If you choose a pre-built fitness plan, the workouts are all ready to go and already scheduled for you.  At any time if you need to reschedule workouts based upon your life and availability you can do so.  You can mark workouts you've done as completed and then rate them as well.  

You will have your own account and a client dashboard "DASH" from which point you can set up your personal details, weight, progess pictures, measurements and goals and track them as you go.

You can sync up your MyFitnessPal and FitBit accounts to your "dash" as well for all in one access.

You have access to me via the online training app and some programs also allow you to participate in the global group community for added support and motivation if you desire.

Online training is a great option if you're unable to hire a personal training, want more flexibility in accessing workouts on your schedule, want to workout from anywhere and save money.




When does training start and end?

If you choose any of my "as is" online fitness plans such as Tighten & Tone At Home, your training can start almost as soon as you're payment has been processed!  If you've chosen the Fit for Me option I will assign the pre-designed and pre-scheduled Fit for Me workouts to you within the Julie Hodge Fitness online app and you can start your online training anytime thereafter.  With the Fit for Me option I'll require your consultation and forms first before building your online program.  You can expect 24-48 hours for your programs to be loaded into the app.   

As updates and changes are made to any program(s) that you're subscribed to, you'll be notified within the app.  You healthier starts here as soon as you're ready to get started!

What are the workouts like if I choose a ready-made plan?

Ready made online fitness plans vary based on the overall theme of that plan.  Read through the description of each as it will tell you a little more about any equipment required, who it's for etc.  Within the app you can print the workouts, track your weights, measurements, progress, nutrition and much more.  And I'm always a message away inside the app to help with any questions you have about the workouts. 

How does the Fit For Me custom plan work?

A custom Fit for Me plan will be designed according to the answers you provide in my online consultation intake form.  Things like how often you have to workout, for how long, what equipment you'll have access to, what sort of exerciser you are, and your goals are taken into account and I will program your master plan and individual workouts from there.  

How will I know how to do the exercises properly?

Great question and the greater news is that there are videos to show you every single exercise that is in your plan.  And if you're ever stuck or unsure you can always send me a message inside the app that stays private just between you and I - and I can help you work through whatever exercise(s) you need support wtih.

What kind of results will I get training with you online?

This my dear, depends a lot on you!  While I will do my absolute best to provide you with quality workout programming and movements that are not only functional but relevant to supporting your best movement in real life, you'll need to... well... DO them and do the work. ;)  The more consistent that you can be and the more you can push yourself to do that extra rep, to not give up, to believe in yourself, to follow along with your plan and my suggestions peppered throughout (including meal and recipe ideas!) the more results you'll see and FEEL!

Do I need to be a regular exerciser to start?

Having experience with working out and resistance training is great, but if you're brand new to fitness and online training or looking to get back into better shape after a period of inactivity the workout videos and instructional guidance on proper form and the tips will help you along. And online training is certainly meant to be interactive so you're always able to private message me from your account within the app if you have any questions at all.  You can even upload photo's and video's within the app for me to check out if you'd like me to literally spot check you and help you tweak your form as required!

Can I cancel if I change my mind?

Of course you can!  There are no contracts at all and I want you to be completely happy and satisfied (heck - JOYFUL) about your online training experience.  For whatever reason should you want to cancel, you can do so within the app.  You'll still be charged for the month but after that you will not be auto-renewed.  

How long are the workouts?

The short answer is it depends.  The long answer is that if you've chosen the Fit for All program workouts can be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes (or longer).  If you choose the Fit for You VIP program workouts will be designed to fit into your lifestyle and time available (based upon the information you provide me with in the consultation and attached forms upon signing up).  I tend to prefer shorter, more effective workouts (work smarter not longer) so that 1) you'll have the time to actually fit it into your life and 2) stay motivated and engaged to do them!

How long should I do online training?

As long as you can!  That's the best answer.  Because committing to your fitness and health is a lifelong process.  You might start off with a ready made plan and be feeling so great you might decide to opt for a few months of the Fit for Me VIP treatment.  OR, you may choose the VIP to begin and once you're confidence in your fitness skyrockets (and your form, strength and weight loss do too) you may decide to scale back to a ready made plan.  Basically, if you're feeling great, enjoying the workouts, continually feeling challenged and getting results there's no reason you can't keep going!

How do I do the measurements?

 I can provide you with an email and document outlining how and where to measure for consistency and accuracy.  You measure and update your measurements within the online Julie Hodge Fitness app on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to see your results!

How do Check-In's work?

Thanks to the way the Julie Hodge Fitness app is designed you can load up your weight, measurements and progress pictures directly.  No need for in-person check in's.  Especially since as distance might be an issue, the online app takes care of that.