Nutrition. Fitness. Mindset. Accountability. 


My most popular online program, the Kick-Start Challenge, will get you results!


What they are, do & involve:

These interactive online programs go far beyond traditional food & fitness groups (and dig deeper) to help you bust through patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you in reaching your health & wellness goals - including weight loss and improved fitness and overall endurance and health. 

“Weight loss is nice of course, but I wanted to improve my overall fitness. I wanted to lose inches and gain knowledge of how to become a healthier person through exercise, nutrition and positive mental strategies to help me become healthier.” – Shannon L.

Each week of the program has a special focus, and you're supported by experts AND special guests throughout the journey with information, answer, encouragement, guidance, motivation and accountability.

You'll check in weekly, have opportunities to do "pop up challenges" and create a more mindful approach to health, fitness and nutrition.

This program requires access to Facebook as we utilize a private Facebook group for the program.  Each week is part of a unit with workouts, exercises and sometimes "homework".  

We start with the powerful impact that our thoughts have on our success from a cellular level and how shifting our awareness can have the most positive results. 


How many times have you started a "diet"?

How many times have you purchased a product promising quick results? (Did they last?)

Wouldn't it feel incredible (imagine this for a moment) to feel at peace in your skin?  To feel proud of your efforts and be okay with exactly what your body looks like?

Imagine that making the best nutritional choices becomes simple and easy and that you would no longer have to rely on calorie lists, macro counting or rigid programs.

Would you like to learn the basics of fitness so that you gain a deeper understanding of the simplicity of movement and what you can do that works FOR YOU to make it something you enjoy doing?

This program helps you connect to yourself again. 

This program gives you permission to relax and re-set. 

From there we layer in nutrition, movement in fitness, sleep, gratitude, am/pm mindfulness, pop up challenges  and more!

"I am more conscious of what I am putting in my body. The workouts; Julie’s different lengths of workouts and variety were fabulous!” – Val M.

It's like weight loss not only for your body (in my last 6 week kick-start the participants lost over 89” together) but for your mind too.

“It’s been a great experience to go along with my workouts I have been doing. I literally needed the kick start to take it up a notch as I was only being healthy during the week then undoing it all every weekend.... it’s a great program!” 

- Shannon M.

There are no diet plans, no calorie counting or gruelling workouts either.  All the workouts that I create are custom made and require no to little equipment so that you can do them at home.


March 16-April 13, 2020

Weight loss for body and mind!

C$ 145.00
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There's something for everybody. If you want change, to "un-stick" yourself, if you want to feel better, improve your fitness and nutritional habits, lose some weight, reconnect to a fuller, more joy-filled life, transform your body and mind, then please sign up and kick-start your life to feel great!

Contact me at 403-651-1088 or if you would like more information or have questions about the Kick-Start program.