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I support women in getting better with age through a variety of health and fitness programs which include online personal training, 1 on 1 personal training, coaching support and the Pro Aging Programs.  

For the Pro Aging Programs please visit

  • improve strength
  • improve flexibility and mobility
  • increase cardiovascular efficiency
  • fat burning and weight loss
  • a leaner, more "toned" look overall
  • increased self confidence
  • improve self awareness/awareness
  • improve body image
  • stress relief/mental health
  • injury prevention
  • improved digestion
  • better sleep & improved sex drive

I bring you 27 years of experience as a fitness expert helping hundreds of women who want effective, knowledgeable support and guidance. I am an Okotoks personal trainer, womens fitness specialist, and offer custom women's wellness and fitness plans. If you are ready for positive, lasting healthy changes, I will help support, inspire, motivate and keep you accountable to your goals.

My background includes:

B. Sc., Kinesiology

Certified Personal Trainer

Active Aging Certificate

Therapeutic Massage diploma with honors distinction

Reiki Level II

TRX Certified

Functional Capacity Assessment Certified

Former Head Coach

Femsport Authorized Training Facility, Crossfit, Physique Coaching


For those who live in the area and want in person personal training support, my studio is equipped with a myriad of tools to get you stronger, get you burning fat, moving better, improving your endurance and cardiovascular fitness, tightening up all over and feeling amazing.

squat cage / barbell / spin bike / elliptical / water rower / landmine press / kettlebells / dumbbells / stability balls / medicine balls / TRX / agility cones / agility ladder / fitness kickboxing equipment / pull up bar / resistance bands / bench step / balance discs / and more.


Think of me as your movement coach.  Cultivating proper form and helping people identify weaknesses and areas of imbalance that - when corrected - lead to improved strength, mobility and ultimately less pain and discomfort is my specialty.  

If you're interested improving your mobility and functional movement, learning how to lift properly & safely, improving your strength, and more please reach out as I am here to help.

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"I am a very picky individual when it comes to those I choose to learn from. If I am paying my hard-earned dollars I expect first-rate professional service - don't we all?! Julie is extremely knowledgeable; it is obvious she has the education and real life practical experience working within all types of scenarios to back that up. She is also a true professional in her service delivery: no ego, punctual, prepared, and always pleasant! If you are looking for REAL long-lasting results (and some education and good laughs along the way), then work with her! Money well INVESTED." - Jenna S.

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"I signed up for 10 sessions and have to say that I LOVED the results I got in such a short period of time, not to mention how good I felt about me.  I felt stronger than I've been in a long time and always looked forward to our next session." - Rachel